Friday, May 29, 2009

You know you've been in Japan too long...

Here's a fun book that captured my attention during my last visit to the bookstore.
Although some of the entries were kind of hard to relate to, there were a couple or so that were hilarious :D

View here for more!

You can't read the whole book online but there was one entry that was particularly hilarious (sadly, missing from the link above), but this should give you a little taste of it:
"How to speak fluent Japanese without saying a word"

Comments please!


Donican said...

HAHAHA, that video was absolute gold! I laughed SO hard! xD The guy's (fake?) Japanese accent is so good too. xDD Mind if I post it up on FB? XD

Booyah! said...

feel free to repost it elsewhere :P
I'm sure "Ken Tanaka" won't mind the least bit

his accent was so good I was on the verge of believing his sob story... turns out he's an actor named David Ury (I think)