Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random shots around Kagoshima

Found these shots while rummaging through my camera's memory card
Kagoshima sure is very photogenic!


Near IUK


nani said...

finally an update!!!
nic pics! and they remind me of many such scenes in the city... oh, i actually like this city @@...

Thunderthud said...

I especially like the second picture with its lack of overhead power and phone lines.

Booyah! said...

yea, i've been neglecting my blog for some time now and thought i should start posting regularly again :P

lol, i guess one good thing about taipei is that we don't have those power and phone lines, eh?

fatso said...

I thought you left Kagoshima.
Power and phone lines always disturb
photographer :(

Booyah! said...

i still have one precious month left!
and i hope to make the best of it!

and yeah, the power and phone lines are everywhere and clutter scenery

James n_n said...

The first shot could have been better without the electric lines hahaha

Booyah! said...

well, i could've cut them... :P