Saturday, August 15, 2009

Full circle

In some ways, I feel like I'm coming back full circle.

I'm leaving at pretty much the same timeof year I arrived last year, so the weather and the scenes from all around me kept reminding me of when I first came here.

Has it been a year already?
Though there are things I wish I could've done differently, I'm grateful for the learning experience I acquired just by being here and meeting all the people I met.

I'm coming back full circle, but I'm different from what I used to be.

Think of me as the new improved Jenny. Thank you everyone for making it possible. 〓


James n_n said...

So glad that this whole year has made you better than before. Jenny v2.0? And you have this blog that documented a lot of things you have done for the whole year. n_n

Booyah! said...

yep v2.0 :D
i was actually thinking of printing this whole blog into book form as a souvenir to myself... lol

James n_n said...

that would be so cool!

Thunderthud said...

Good idea