Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nice shot

I was sifting through my photos last night and came across this picture. I took it during a parade for the Asian Kagoshima event last October.

I particularly liked this shot because:
1. the shot out came out very nicely
2. there's a Philippine flag in the background (hehe)
3. instead of the usual pictures focusing on the events (in this case, the parade), this shot focuses on the spectators instead
4. it captures a moment in the life of the everyday Japanese: the
ordinary salaryman after a day of work :D


Thunderthud said...

Another example of your good eye for an interesting shot.

Booyah! said...

thanks :D

Donican said...

Sorry, I just came across this post again when doing a search in prep for this year's festival, and I just realised those men in the photo that you thought were "ordinary salarymen" are actually the current Deputy Mayor and General Affairs Bureau Chief of City Hall!! XDD
Hahahaha, so much for "ordinary", hey. =P

Booyah! said...

Wow... that's such a coincidence!