Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

So we made plans to go to a beach to catch the first rays of the year
but we didn't make the train LOL
so we made the most of the situation and decided to go somewhere near (hint: university campus :D)

The first sign of the sun appeared at about 6:40 am local time

Here's Zhao and Faiz
... it was raining, by the way
...friggin cold...

The clouds made us really worried that we might missed the first sunrise of the year...

But look! There it is!
It's not much but it IS the first sunrise of the year :P

And... I finally saw some snow!!!
It just snowed for a few minutes and it melted as soon as it hit the ground but I'm still happy! :D

It was kinda hard getting it on film, though...

Happy New Year everyone!
Make a new year's resolution!
(I'll try to stick to mine :P)


Thunderthud said...

Pretty soon you should be able to make a snowman.

Booyah! said...

hope so...
it's actually sunny out today @@

Donican said...

Whoa it actually snowed in Kagoshima on the 1st?!

Booyah! said...

yep, it didn't last long
but it snowed nevertheless :P