Monday, April 6, 2009

March 15: Makurazaki + Yamakawa trip

I wanted to post this although the trip was from last month.
I got a message from Hiromitsu one day saying that they're going out for soba noodles and to the hot springs after and asked whether I would want to join them. I happen to be craving for some zarusoba, soba noodles served cold with a dip.

So here it is:

Here's what the soba place looked like from the outside. Very Japanese.

The dips came first. The one on the left is for the soba noodles, while the one on the right is for the tempura.

Nice interior.

Me and Hiromitsu.

The zarusoba and tempura set cost around 1000 yen and was very filling.

I love the clouds above the soba place!

This is what I love most about living in Kagoshima... :)

Hiromitsu and Ryousuke started working this month so this was probably our last trip in a while, though... :(

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