Sunday, October 12, 2008

I finally bought a cellphone

So, I finally bought myself a cellphone.
I opted for the prepaid plan because it works out better for me that way. However, they only have this model available in the four stores that we checked (I originally wanted the clamshell model because it's more Japanesey and it has a built-in translator). Too bad.

Anyway, the phone cost 5,880 yen, and, guess what? You have to buy the recharger separately (980 yen) =_=. I also bought prepaid credit of 3,000 yen (good for two months).

I also signed up for the all-you-can-mail option, which is really awesome. For 300 yen per month, I can send emails to other cell phones in Japan, as well as to any email address on the Internet!


James n_n said...

your phone looks soooooooo cool!!

Booyah! said...

some people call it a レモコン (rimokon, remote controller)