Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Joyful Japanese

We have this class called "Joyful Japanese." It is open to all foreign students, which means we get students with completely different proficiency levels, all thrown into the same classroom. To give you a better idea of how large the range is, we had levels that ranged from (almost) complete beginner to JLPT Level 1 certificate holder (near-native).

The first picture shows our teacher, Kajisa Akira, born in Taiwan, lived many years in China, taught 38 years in Japanese high schools.

That's Shinichi, my language partner, and Faiz, who's from Canada (he's holding our textbook, it's for complete beginners)

The one in blue is Hayashi. He and Daisuke (standing) are Japanese but took part in the class to help us out. The majority of the foreign students in IUK (and thus in the class) are from Dalian, China.

This is what the classroom looks like. It's pretty neat!


nani said...

oops that one was close..
hayashi masayuki and makise daisuke, i believe they are~
and this is off topic but you need to see this~~
a user map of downtown kagoshima!~

Booyah! said...

again, thanks! you have lots of resources!