Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nabe night

What started out as a plan to take a quick stroll turned out to be a glimpse into the everyday life of people in Japan.

Since we didn't have classes today because of a typhoon that decided not to come, I thought maybe I should take advantage of the weather and go to a not-so-near commercial center for an afternoon stroll. I was supposed to meet my language partner, Shinichi, for lunch at school, but since we don't have classes, I canceled the meeting. To make a long story short, he wanted to see where I lived so he came to my place, and Tienchi, another exchange student, came by because I asked her to go with me for a stroll. She then received a call from her language partner who ended up bringing two other people. I finally got to use all of that extra space I have in my apartment. LOL.

Afterwards, me and Tienchi and our language partners (Shinichi and Yuge) went to the commercial center and browsed around the stores.

Fast forward to dinner: Shinichi and Yuge made Kimchi Nabe (Japanese hot pot) and interestingly, they first eat the nabe with rice, and later, noodles are added into the soup and we had a second dinner.

It was really very filling. :)