Friday, November 14, 2008

November 8 Event: The Afterparty!

In front of the restaurant (it's called No no Budou, or 'Wild Grapes') with Ayane, Eri, and Mike

Two of the four emcees, Ayane and Mogami

The keynote speaker, Bob Courchene

Woohoo! Sashimi!

My very own dessert platter, heehee

Mogami and Kuroda, the other emcee

That's Dennis Fullbright, one of the main speakers
... I think he's drunk :D

All-you-can-drink beer

Faiz presenting his Haiku

Ms.Fukunaga presenting her Haiku

Me and Hai-yan (from China) in front of the Amu Plaza Christmas tree!


Thunderthud said...

Did you sample the beer?

nani said...

捧着俺的cup noodle, 泪流满面 >"<

Booyah! said...

i had some of the beer, i'm not a big fan of beer but it's ok :D

poor nani, my blog entries are always killing you :P