Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 8 Event (The Canada Project in Kyushu Colloquium: Managing Diversity, Education and Economic Development)

On November 8, the Canada Project in Kyushu held a colloquium on "Managing Diversity, Education, and Economic Development." My supervising professor, Prof. McMurray heads this venture, which is probably why I was one of the speakers even though I'm not Canadian, lol.

This is Mack (Prof McMurray)

This is Mr Nakama, a PhD student, photographer, and (as I have just found out) a classical guitar player. He also presented at the colloquium.

These are Mack's students, who are helping out at the event. That's Faiz by the side with his academic face.

Here's some wicked Ikebana (flower arranging) done by Mieko Sueyoshi, an Ikebana instructor

Here's the table that says, "Jenny Lu, Speaker"

That's Dennis Woolbright, an invited speaker

And this is Bob Courchene, another invited speaker

These are the four emcees for the event: (from left) Mogami, Reina, Ayane, and Kuroda

Drinks!!! (Sadly there were already none when I went to the table during breaktime)

Lunch with the speakers, guests, and staff members

Panel discussion at the end of the event (wait, isn't this photo supposed to be at the bottom of the page?)

Yours Truly

This is Ikuo Sakamoto, the official interpreter for the entire event (which ran for five full hours)

And that's a wrap!


Thunderthud said...

Your presentation looks well organized. How did it go?

Bummer about the drinks,

Booyah! said...

it was great! people were really interested and asked many questions :D

more about that day in a few days :D

nani said...

totally academic..and
mmm... how's the dinner that day *_*

Booyah! said...

dinner was awesome :)