Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Print Club

So, we went to the "print club" today, which basically means that we had picture stickers taken.
Originally I went out with my Japanese friend from Kagoshima University, Marie (next to me on the picture right above). She then invited her boyfriend, Atsushi, to come with (top left). Then, Faiz (top right) mailed me to ask where we were and so he came to find us. While he's waiting for us, he came across Mike and Trisha at Starbuck's.

Overall, it was one great coincidence. Super fun!


nani said...

mike is ... different *_*

Booyah! said...


mike's had a haircut

Thunderthud said...

What's the deal with the fingers to the mouths?

Booyah! said...

they had this guidance video showing two young women with their fingers to their mouths and everyone just went along with it