Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas party at Shiori's: Part 1 (random photos)

We were playing a game where we were supposed to guess the name of the celebrity assigned to us (written on a sheet taped to our ears)

So we went to Shiori's for an early Christmas party (December 23) and had a grand time with great food and good company!

Here's who came (from left): Yoichi (Shiori's husband), Shiori, Ai (Shiori's friend), Kazu (Shiori's brother), Rino (Shiori's sister), Yuna (Ai's daughter), Mike, Zhao (sadly covered by the wine... sorry about that), Faiz, Donican, Tienchi, me and Trisha

Look at all the food!
Shiori, Kazu and Rino spent part of the morning and all of the afternoon preparing all these from scratch. Thanks, Shiori!!!

So we were playing a game and I was trying to explain Tweety without being too obvious I drew this, LOL
I thought it was pretty good :P

Here's Shiori trying her best to come up with a name (Tweety) during our game :D


Thunderthud said...

Very festive, and so many pretty girls.

Thunderthud said...

Very good Tweety.

Booyah! said...

they are very pretty, aren't they :D

Donican said...

Hey Jenny, it's Donican here, thanks for the pictures! *steals* =P

Booyah! said...

haha :D
steal all you want
there's lots more where it came from :P