Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas party at Shiori's: Part 2 (the cake)

This blog chronicles our individual shots with the cake that Shiori, Kazu and Rino made from scratch :D
We were all so impressed!

Here's Faiz stuffing himself

me :P

Lookit at the strawberry Santa :D
Cute, isn't it?


Trisha about to devour Santa!

Tienchi is "allergic" to strawberries :D

Mafia Mike...

Evil-eye Zhao



Thunderthud said...

I like the strawberry Santas.

Ying li said...
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Ying li said...

those strawberry Santa are really cute XXD
did you guys make them?

miss you so much~
what are you doing on the New Year's Eve? ^^

Booyah! said...

the strawberry santas were super cute!
shiori and her siblings made them together :D

we didn't do nothing much for new years' eve but sit around watching japanese tv. we might go see the sunrise tomorrow if it doesn't rain. if it does, we might go see the famous local volcano, sakurajima :D