Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First day of class... finally!

Today is officially my first day in class. I had to wait until 6PM (PM!!!) for my first class to begin. Our classroom (pretty big) can probably seat 60 people but there were only 4 people in the class, haha. The other three were: Hiroki (a Japanese graduate student), Furuse (a social welfare professor), and Faiz (an exchange student from Canada). Pretty diverse, huh?

I am taking 3 classes with Prof McMurray, my supervising professor in IUK, this semester. For the second class, which started at 7.40PM, there were only two of us, me and the Japanese grad student. And, guess what? For my third class with the Prof, it's a one-to-one course!!! @@

So anyway, since there are so few of us, we managed to change the schedule around and now I don't have classes in the evening. Yay! My classes are now from Tuesdays to Thursdays, exactly what I had planned to have before I came. It all worked out, so... yay!

Incidentally, the Prof is an expert of, and is devoted to Haiku and he gave me a copy of his book. I got lots of souvenirs from him today (see picture 2).

Seems like we've got lots in store this semester. I'll potentially present in at least one conference, publish two or more papers, have a chance to teach Japanese learners of English (of all ages), and probably also teach in a local high school, elementary school, and/or college.

Bring it on.


James n_n said...

The classroom is very nice, the books look cool O_O... whats with the 3rd picture?

Booyah! said...

that was tentative class sched