Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2nd Street

This store is a lifesaver.

Japan is a notoriously expensive place to live in, but thanks to places like 2nd Street, one can buy supplies at an affordable price.

This place sells all kinds of second-hand goodies, from electronics and furniture to DVDs and clothes. You should see the clothes section on their second floor! I actually got a pretty decent denim jacket at only JPY 500! Imagine that.

The best thing about this place is that, their second-hand goodies don't seem "second-hand" at all. Most actually look almost brand new.

I can't find a rice cooker nor a desk lamp, though. I intend to keep watching and waiting til I do, though. :P


JackedUpOnMtDew said...

That's awesome. Japan seems like a country that i'd like to visit some day.

James n_n said...

ohh.. that's why its called "2nd" street.. hehe