Friday, September 26, 2008

The three musketeers

Sorry for the late introduction, but here's the gang (of exchange students) from Taiwan. Yours truly (of course), Tienchi, and Weilun.

Tienchi is from Kaohsiung and is only staying in Kagoshima for 5 months, which explains why she's always on the lookout for fun places to go to. She's a bit of a klutz, though... she banged her left elbow three to four times today... @@

Weilun is from the same school as I am. He's in physical education so he's in charge of everything if it has "heavy" written on it... LOL. He's a pretty trusty fellow, too; also out to lend a helping hand. :P

So, that's it. This is the original three-person gang. We might be expanding our circle soon, though, seeing as school is starting on Monday. Finally!


Thunderthud said...

Good looking crew.

James n_n said...

first day of school! have fun!