Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day One: Expenses

Day One in my ten-month adventure: we arrived at Fukuoka and stayed for the night in preparation for taking the 4-hour bus ride (immensely cheaper than the speedy train rides) this morning to Kagoshima.

Here are the expenses for Day One:
Chikatetsu (subway) - 250 yen
Comfort Hotel - 4000 yen (shared a suite with my companion)
High-speed ticket to Kagoshima - 5300 yen

Total: 9550 yen

* the exchange rate is roughly USD1 = JPY104 or TWD1 = JPY3.3


hyulhyulhyul said...

How was the flight? Was it bumpy because of the typhoon?

Booyah! said...

it was kinda bumpy but it was okay overall :D

James n_n said...

enjoy ur stay in japan!