Friday, September 26, 2008

My very first omiyage!

I met up with a potential student today and he brought me my very first omiyage!
In Japan, it is customary to bring presents (usually local specialties) to people you meet for the first time, or to people around you when you travel someplace else, stuff like that. He brought me Karukan Manchus, which he said is a specialty of Kagoshima.

The pictures above show the omiyage in various stages of unpacking... :P
The wrapping is exquisite and all, so I wanted to capture everything on film (or rather on memory?!) :D


John Doe said...

Congrats for your chronicle and, of course, for your first omiyage, jaja. I´m your fan! waiting for the next chapter :-)

Thunderthud said...

What is it? A sweet cake? You blog so well it is intimidating to a neophyte such as I.

Booyah! said...

it's a kind of sweet cake, with japanese yam inside.

your comment about my blog is such an overstatement. but, thanks :P

send me a link when you get your blog up and going. i'm sure it'll be a fun read!

Thunderthud said...

It may be a while, I'm still trying to figure out how to put my profile on it.

James n_n said...

yey omiyage, does it taste good?

Booyah! said...

pretty good, kind of like puto (rice cakes in the philippines) but less sweet