Thursday, March 12, 2009


Two pieces of good news!

First, we found out on March 9, which happens to be Shiori's birthday, that she is 6 weeks pregnant! The baby is due October 30 this year.

Congratulations, Shiori and Youichi!

The second piece of news is...
I no longer have to pay rent! Yay!!!!!
A huge thanks to Prof McMurray and the international exchange office at NTNU for making this possible!!!

With the four months of rent (from April to July) that I get to save, I can... 1 and a half macbooks five good quality electronic dictionaries comfortably without any income for four months in Taipei get the idea :D

After finding out, a group of us went out to a ramen place for a 'celebratory' dinner :P


Thunderthud said...

Congratulations. Use the extra money to spoil yourself.

Booyah! said...

thanks! will let the money sit in the bank for a while for now :P

Donican said...

Congrats! That must feel so good. ^^

Booyah! said...


uber good! thanks!

James n_n said...

Wow, that is very good news! :)
Enjoy yourself more :)

Booyah! said...

thanks :)
that's why you have to go to tokyo with us cuz now i have money to treat you!