Monday, March 16, 2009

Aso Volcano in Kumamoto

This is about another one of our day trips in February.
This time we went to Kumamoto, a not-so-near prefecture in Kyushu.
(I think it took us around 6 hours each way, so we had to depart at around 5am...
poor Shinobu had to drive the whole way cuz he was the only person with a valid driver's license)

This is the cable car station (they call it 'ropeway' here) to the mouth of the volcano

Behind these guys are shelters for when the volcano erupts

Doesn't this look like an album cover or something? A pretty cheesy one though... :P

Tired but happy...

Somebody please explain why the liquid is greenish...

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Thunderthud said...

Light diffraction in sulphur permeated water?