Monday, March 2, 2009

The last last print club with Tienchi in Kagoshima

Me and my big mouth again...
The previous print club stickers weren't the last ones with Tienchi
These ones are.
I can say for sure this time around because Tienchi should be in Taiwan now (her flight was two hours ago)

We took these photo stickers before we went for another all-nighter at our favorite karaoke place (MUSE CLUB)
Tienchi chose to do an all-nighter at the karaoke so she won't miss her train which departed at 6:30 this morning

Clockwise from bottom left:
Zhao, Hiroki, Erina, Tienchi, me, and Shinobu


nani said...

fyi three guys of us all hated プリクラ..

Booyah! said...

but you guys look like you're enjoying yourselves :P