Saturday, March 14, 2009

I hate people who talk behind other people's backs...

I don't want to name names because I'm not 100% sure of the validity of my hunch but I have to get this off my chest.

A certain someone is quite a character.
Let me start with two recent examples that directly affects me:

A couple of weeks ago, I sent this certain someone an email inviting him for a bowling night with our friends
(I invited him out of kindness, since I didn't want him to feel left out)
Guess what? I didn't receive a reply at all.
It's common courtesy to reply to direct questions, isn't it?

Then, a couple of days ago, I accidentally let slip that he's working part time over the break
It turned out he didn't apply for a permit, which is required for us to work
(Who would've thought that he was keeping his work secret?
And, how could you keep such work secret?
And, who would've thought that he would be stupid enough not to apply for a permit?)

By the way, I sent him another email that time informing him of a certain piece of good news and warning him that he should apply for a permit soon.
Guess what? No reply again.
But! Big BUT! He wrote a blog entry *hinting* that me letting slip that he had no permit would probably cause him to lose his job and what not...

Geez, can you just say it directly?
Stop being a hypocrite!
We accidentally ran across one another last week at school and he pretended that nothing was going on (hello? what about your replies to my emails?!) and made plenty of small talk.

Geez, what a faker...


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I have to make something clear...
the post above was written by Tienchi!!!

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Is this someone I know? xD

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