Saturday, March 14, 2009

'White Day' in Japan!

It's "White Day" today in Japan.

In Japan, on February 14th, Valentine's Day, females give chocolates to males.
The type of chocolate that are given can be divided into several types:
(I'm recalling this from memory, so there may be some discrepancy...)
homemade choco for people that are truly special to you
tomo choco for friends
giri choco for people you are obligated to be nice to

March 14th, on the other hand, is known as White Day.
Simply put, this is the day when males reciprocate and give females (who gave them chocolate on Valentine's Day) sweets or pastries in return.

So, this morning I suddenly remembered that today was White Day and half-jokingly sent a message to a handful of guys I know asking for White Day chocolate.

I didn't expect anyone to actually oblige.

Less than an hour ago, I was surprised by the persistent ringing of my doorbell.
Guess who it was?
Ryoutaro came to give me a box of pastries from both him and Youichi

What a pleasant surprise!
Thanks again you guys!
That definitely made my day! :P

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Donican said...

Wow, that's really sweet of Ryoutarou and Yoichi. ^^

Booyah! said...

Yep, I was really surprised!