Wednesday, March 4, 2009

February 11: Shiori and Youichi's wedding

Although I'm a bit late in posting, this is one entry I do not want to leave out from my blog.
This is the first time I attended a friend's wedding (actually, we only went to the afterparty, but anyway...)
What makes it extra special is that I'm in another country and I know both the bride and the groom :)

Below are pictures from the "feather shower" and the bouquet throwing after the wedding banquet

Here's the bride in her pretty pink flowing wedding dress :D

Group shot! (Ryoutaro is drunk here)

The bride threw three bouquets and here are the three people who caught them

Here's the sign that announces that Shiori and Youichi's wedding was in session and that guests can leave their belongings here (or something... sorry, my Japanese isn't that good yet :P)

The adorable couple :D

Shiori's siblings: (L-R) Rino, Kazu, and Nana (this is the first time I met her in person because she's living somewhere near Tokyo with her husband)

Shiori's mom and dad all glammed up

me on the quasi red carpet

The sign announces that Shiori and Youichi's wedding banquet is in session and offers candy (in the basket) to those who see the sign (basically)

More about the afterparty in the next post!

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