Monday, March 16, 2009

Baseball game in Miyazaki

Last month, we went on a day trip to Miyazaki to watch a practice game in a 'baseball camp' there.
It was the Giants versus 'Samurai Japan,' which were the best players in Japan (including those who were recruited overseas) put together.
They were training for the WBC (World Baseball Classics)

I don't really know much about baseball except for what I learned from playing video games and Nintendo Wii, but the game was pretty entertaining.

Ichiro Suzuki, who is now with the New York Yankees (I believe) was also present that day, which explains the large crowd despite the bad weather (see first picture) and the incessant picture taking (as can be seen on the video) whenever he's on the field.


秘密 said...

顆顆,鈴木一朗。。。是西雅圖水手隊的唷 囧"

Booyah! said...

oops... :P

fatso said...

That's pretty cool.
but Ichiro is not with Yankees :)

(This is Jerry, I'm afraid you forgot my account, haha~~)

Booyah! said...

yea, thanks... you're the second person to point that out... :P

he's in the seattle mariners, right?

btw, how have you been these days, jerry? :D

fatso said...

I guess Japanese get crazy these days, because they won the WBC again, didn't they?

I am now trying to make the system for my experiment, and get very busy, I hope Ican graduate this year :)

Booyah! said...

I guess they did win again, I wasn't really following the games, sorry :P

BTW, good luck on graduating this year! I hope I can graduate soon, too! @@