Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Productive day

Although it wasn't very long, I finally sat down and read a research paper today.
My goal for the two-month long (which is halfway over) vacation is to read plenty of research papers and decide on a topic for my master's thesis and if I'm lucky, to get the literature review portion of the thesis over and done with.

Today was just a tiny, tiny step.

I'm going to start writing comments about the research papers I've read on a separate blog ( because it is not something everyone will be interested in. The reason why I'm starting this blog is so that I can put my comments down into words before I forget them, to help me think up more ideas revolving around the topic, and to potentially generate comments from other people who may read the blog.

One other thing that's happened today is that I received a call from Youichi saying that I can go work with them at the movers tomorrow. Yay! Money! I'm seriously strapped for cash, so this will definitely help some.

Youichi called me a couple of times today to make sure my first day goes well. Shiori sent me several emails teaching me some of the basics of the job and assuring me that all will be well. Ryoutaro has offered to pick me up at 6:45 in the morning tomorrow to make sure that I get to work on time and to help me with the transition.

Thanks a lot, you guys! You're the best!

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