Sunday, February 1, 2009

January highlights: January 22 - Sakurajima (part 1)

Zhao and Shinobu joined us for David's class that day
It was supposed to be just me, Faiz, and Hiroki but Hiroki missed class again (as usual, LOL)
We spent a couple of hours planning for the next Canada Project event in May, which will be a debate around the issue of diversity:

After class (and lunch), Shinobu was kind enough to offer to drive me and Faiz around Kagoshima since Faiz was leaving in a couple of weeks

We eventually decided to go to Sakurajima (the island where Kagoshima's very own active volcano sits) because me and Faiz are probably the only two people who haven't been there, LOL

So, finally!

This was shot onboard the ferry.
It was raining that day so we weren't really able to see Sakurajima, but it was a fun trip nevertheless.

Especially since we've been eyeing the volcano from afar for the past four months :P

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