Tuesday, February 10, 2009

January highlights: January 29 - Faiz packing and departure from Kagoshima

Faiz's four-month stay in Kagoshima came to an end on January 29.
Time really flies. It made me realize that the six to seven months I have left could also go by in a blink of an eye.

Although I spent a lot of time with Faiz during his stay, it wasn't nearly enough.
Although this may sound like a cliche, I can still remember the time when we first me him as if it were yesterday.

Parting sure sucks.
Still, I'm glad to have known you, Faiz.
Thanks for the memories and the changes you brought about in me.
I think I've said this before, but I believe that every single person we meet in life help shape the person we become.
So thanks for your contribution :)

The night before departure day, I went to Faiz's place to give him some photos and helped 'supervise' his packing cuz he was clueless as to how to proceed at one point (see photo above for visual support)

It took him almost all night to sort out the small items here and there

He almost forgot to throw away the trash he has been 'keeping' for so long in his freezer
The kimchi expired on September 23, 2008. Right, Faiz? :P

His luggage weighed over 45 kilograms in the end, if I remember correctly

The room was now back to its original state - clean and bare

Lots of people came to see him off: (from right)
Zhao, me, Tienchi, Shinobu, and Emi
Mr. Imamura
drove Faiz to the airport as part of his duties

Hiroki made it at the very last minute

Parting words between comrades

Bye Faiz!

Hiroki and Zhao couldn't come with to the airport cuz they had classes.


Faiz said...

Likewise Jenny, it was great knowing you; and I am super-glad that we are now friends. Some words of advice for the rest of your stay ....

Party hard, but pack harder :p

Booyah! said...

likewise :)

about the packing...