Sunday, February 8, 2009

Again with the "print club" photo stickers

Went to take purikura (プリクラ, "print club") photo stickers again today

There were four of us this time:

Sorry about the first few stickers
Couldn't get them to rotate to the right position...


James n_n said...

I think you're about to run out of poses hehe. How often do you go to the print club?

Booyah! said...

i think i've already run out of poses a long time ago... :P

and i'm pretty sure we go to the print club almost monthly

Thunderthud said...

Maybe you can do some costume or theme shots.

Donican said...

Hehe cute~ I want to go again with you, Tienchi and Trisha before they leave. T_T

Booyah! said...

we can do that on the 11th or on the 14th :P

Donican said...

Hehe, sounds good. ;)