Friday, February 27, 2009

Last print club with Tienchi in Kagoshima?

That day, me and Tienchi were supposed to go out with Marie and Marie's mom for lunch
but I missed the train (lol)

So, I caught up with them after lunch for some coffee at Starbucks

Guess what we did after?
Yep, you got it. We went to Round 1 for bowling
Yeah, me and big mouth...
I wrote in a previous post that I thought we weren't gonna go bowling for while bad

Anyway, this gathering was kind of a mini sendoff party for Tienchi cuz she's leaving next Monday and Marie and mom probably won't see her again before then.


nani said...

3 posts per day now?
i cannot tell she is mom from the picture!!

and... actually i had a dream, in which there was a toeic textbook, and on its cover is you +_+

Booyah! said...

i only write when i'm inspired, you see :P

and btw, that's a really weird dream...