Wednesday, February 4, 2009

January highlights: January 25 - dinner at Anis'

Anis (right) invited me and Faiz to his and his brother Hafiz's house for some authentic Pakistani fare.
I've known Anis for a couple of months but he's only met Faiz a couple of days before this dinner. But he's been meaning to meet him since he found out that Faiz was of Pakistani origin.

There were a few other guests, too.
Some were from Kadai and I think one (Miyuki, right) belongs with KICS (Kagoshima International Citizens’ Society)

I don't know the names to the dishes but they were very good and kind of reminded me of Filipino cuisine :P

Hafiz and Anis should open their own restaurant.

group pic!
That's Hannah behind me. She's Filipina and does research on Mayon Volcano, an active volcano in the Philippines

Here's Anis and Faiz doing some male bonding after the other guests have left

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