Monday, February 9, 2009

January highlights: January 28 - dinner at Joyfull

On the eve of Faiz's departure from Kagoshima, a few of us gathered together for a simple lunch at (guess where) Joyfull, this time at Chuo station (like it makes a difference, lol)

Zhao was exceptionally quiet that night...

Faiz is in one of his playful moods :)

Hiroki arrived a few minutes earlier than the appointed time that night
...and this is worth mentioning because he is almost always fashionably late :)

Trisha had to go home early that night because she had to study for an important exam the next day

Tienchi and Shinobu

Erina and Emi came just as we finished our dinner

It was a relatively quiet gathering compared to what we had previously. Nevertheless, we had a nice time, short as it was. :)

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