Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bowling (part 1)

For one reason or another, we're frequenting the bowling alley this month.
We usually go to this nice place called Round 1 where they charge around 2000 yen for 6 games.

Our first trip to the bowling alley in February was on the 7th. Trisha didn't come because she was either sick or running low on money, I forgot which. That day I went with Hiroki (top left, clockwise), Shinobu, Tienchi, and Hiroya (in the bowling pin suit)

FYI: You get to take a group picture in a bowling pin suit if you score a strike (or bowl down at least nine pins if you're either female or a child) during the hourly "Moon Light Strike Game" the establishment holds.

Our second trip to the same establishment was on the 11th. I got an inflatable bowling pin because I booked the reservation as a February birthday celebrant :P

By the way, Zhao just wouldn't go near the bowling balls. He insists on being a mere member of the audience.

I guess the giant pin looks kinda silly in public :P


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