Thursday, February 5, 2009

January highlights: January 26 - Dinner at Faiz's (part 1)

Faiz made us dinner!
That's Faiz's famous beef dish in the middle :P

Emi brought muffins :D

photo op session?
photographer #1

photographer #2

photographers #3 & 4

halftime :)
time for some intellectual stimulation...

Faiz found time to inquire about his application to York University

the bully and the victim?

What started out as a simple dinner at Faiz's progressed into a circus (?) as the night (and the wee hours of the morning) went on.

We went in as adults and came out as toddlers (LOL)

In other words, we played a lot of stupid and meaningless games.
And we had a lot of fun :P

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