Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bowling (part 3): Could this be our last trip to the bowling alley in a while?!

February 23
So, we went bowling again.

First off, picture time!
Me and Babanisan
(His last name is Baba and nisan is an endearment that means older brother; he's funny in a weird way, or weird in a funny way... whichever works :P)

Me and Tienchi
(Tienchi's going back to Taiwan next week... and she's pretty much perfected her pouty face for photo ops :P)
Tienchi scored her highest at 220 points that day, btw

Zhao does not want to break his streak of having zero experience at playing bowling.
Instead, he took charge of the bowling bingo sheet we got.

Me and Ryoutaro
(Ryoutaro's the youngest in the group, but he's really nice and very mature... okay, sometimes :P)

Me and Youichi
(Youichi rarely smiles when taking pictures, so I guess I'm luck I got this one on film! ... or on memory, rather)

Me and Zhao
(Zhao is starting to loosen up these days, but some days he goes over and get too wacky... lol)

Me and Shiori
(Shiori just had her hair cut that day, which made her look a lot like Rino (her sister))

Another strike!

the "after" picture...

before all the bullying started :P

Everybody's getting a bit theatrical here...
We won the bags Tienchi is holding from bowling bingo, btw...

Nice stolen shot...
although Tienchi's radar picked up on the camera pointing at her...


Faiz said...

Last trip for a while? Say it ain't so :p

Hope you guys are enjoying the warm weather this past month - but mosquitoes in Feb? Strange.

Booyah! said...

me and my big mouth.

we went bowling again yesterday...

Faiz said...

lol ... damn the seductive charms of the bowling alley :)

Booyah! said...

lol, i'm not gonna say anything anymore... :)

i'm finally getting the hang of it tho :P