Wednesday, February 4, 2009

January highlights: January 25 - Outdoor hot springs at Sakurajima Furusato Hotel

The weather was comparatively pleasant on our second trip to Sakurajima.
This time we went for the rotenburo onsen (露天風呂, outdoor hot springs) at the Sakurajima Furusato Hotel.

This is the view from the ferry on our way there.

This time Sakurajima was visible :P

In most indoor hot springs in Japan, you have to strip naked to bathe in them, and of course males and females go in separate rooms. But for such as outdoor hot spring as this, both males and females go in the same hot spring pool (?), so a robe is provided.

Here are the guys with a couple of international students from Kadai (鹿大, short for 鹿児島大学 - Kagoshima University)

It's got a mini shrine on one side :P

Here's Emi and Tienchi

So, that was my first and only trip to a hot spring in Japan so far.
It was really interesting and I look forward to the day I go to the common indoor hot spring.
Although it would probably be weird at first.

On a separate note, the hotel serves a dish called kamameshi (釜飯, kettle rice), which had been my favorite Japanese food in (surprise, surprise) the Philippines.
I haven't had it in about 6 years and I'm getting all nostalgic about it.
Funny thing was, I have never seen it in Taiwan.
And up until the hot spring trip, I haven't seen it in Japan, either.

Oh, in case you were wondering, I haven't had my kamameshi fix cuz they only serve it during lunch and we missed it.
But I'll definitely have it before the end of my stay.

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