Thursday, February 5, 2009

January highlights: January 26 - Dinner at Faiz's (part 2)

First came the paper airplanes...

this was when the guys started using rubber bands to propel the paper airplanes

tired looking people

who would've thunk :P

who knew clothespins could be so much fun?

nitey nite

So after dinner, we just sat around chatting and chilling. Then at some point, we started playing with paper airplanes, had a tickling fest, and played around with clothespins (don't remember the sequence).

The evening started at 8.30 pm and ended at 4 am.
The neighbors complained to the school authorities about the noise (LOL)

I don't have pictures of the tickling fest, but every single person in the room was pulled into the middle of the circle at some point and was collectively tickled by everyone.

Shinobu was our favorite target :P

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