Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bowling (part 2)

This was our third trip to Round 1 in February. This was on the 14th. We went to the bowling alley after making cake and having dinner at Shiori's. (more on later posts)

The screen shows my highest score in bowling thus far: 117
I'm the second player from the top. I played under Trisha's name, though.

Another "Moon Light Strike Game" success story :)

The newlyweds: Shiori and Youichi

The girls!
(Shiori did me and Trisha's hair and makeup that day, by the way)

I like the multicolored balls...

That's Youichi in the pin suit, in case you were wondering :)

...and moi~

random shot...
pretty nice shot, though :)

Here's what a "Moon Light Strike Game" looks like

Trisha did not find out until too late that I was taking a video instead of a picture

Here's a funny video of Babanisan :P


Donican said...

Haha, the position of my hand on Sou-chan in that random shot is not the best... XDDD =P

Booyah! said...

haha, didn't notice that before...
thanks for pointing it out for everyone, lol