Friday, February 6, 2009

January highlights: January 28 - lunch at Marie's

We've been going to Marie's house quite often these days and getting fed. I've thought of bringing doughnuts or whatever but just remembering that Marie's mom can make anything would make me think twice.

Anybody have any ideas on what I should bring next time we get invited to their place?

This time Marie's mom made us pizza!

Here's Marie setting the table

They have two dining rooms, one western and one Japanese style

Marie puts in hours of piano practice everyday :)

The salad was really good
Even Tienchi, who shies away from salads, had seconds

Marie's mom made us two flavors of pizza...

I'm not very good at description, but eating all these goodies always reminds me of how lucky Marie is :D

That day's dessert was banana cake

...and milk tea mousse!
Loved it so much :D

Marie's mom is a genius
and I have an insatiable sweet tooth :)

I'm not a big tea drinker, but I love the tea Marie's mom gives us

Here's Trisha clicking away always :P

Marie entertaining us with some music :)

Found this funny looking Winnie the Pooh under the piano :P

Thanks again to Marie and Marie's mom welcoming us to your home!


James n_n said...

Wow, the food looks very nice. I love the pizza and banana cake, I'm not really sure what you can bring, the food looks complete already hehe.

Booyah! said...

yep, they always serve us full meals, so i don't know what i can contribute...

btw, marie's mom made a carrot cake for us once that tasted like jimmy's grandma's carrot cake :P

Donican said...

Ooooooh, the pizzas looks so amazingly delicious!! And I love banana cake! I wish I could have made it. T_T Marie's mum is really such a super cook. ^^

Thunderthud said...

Have you ever heard of the expression "taking coals to Newcastle"?

Booyah! said...

let's see if marie's mom can teach us how to cook some other time

forgot but checked the meaning online :P
that really sums up what we're going through here :)