Saturday, February 14, 2009

Monkey business

101 ways to play with a monkey plush toy with stretchable arms:

1. stretch the arms (duh!)

2. put it on top of your head (hmm...)

3. put it on top of an inflatable bowling pin :D

4. strap it to the bowling pin (ouch)

5. hold on to it while you bowl (this bags the prize... lol)

6. strap it to your arms and kiss it

7. strap it to your water bottle

8, 9, 10... we're open to your suggestions! o(`▽´)o

Press "play" for instructions on how to play with the monkey (that Marie gave for my birthday)



James n_n said...

no!!! poor monkey, he is over stretched!

Booyah! said...

haha, he's still alive, dun worry

Ying li said...

i like the one he's hugging the water bottle. so cute ^^

but, nono...the last one is too violent ><

Booyah! said...

haha, you sound like jay :P