Friday, February 6, 2009

January highlights: January 27 - Shiori and company at Faiz's

Shiori, Emi, Youichi, and Ryoutaro drove to Sakanoue (our neighborhood) that night to hand out nijikai (二次会, afterparty) invitations to everyone for Shiori and Youichi's upcoming wedding on February 11.

In Japan, it is customary to hold nijikais for a variety of occasions such as weddings.
From what I understand, it is customary to invite superiors and important acquaintances to the wedding reception and the wedding party, so it can be quite stiff and formal. On the other hand, close friends of both the bride and groom are invited to the afterparty so it is more informal and festive.

Shiori also told me that they will be playing videos of the wedding reception and the party and slideshows of the bride's and the groom's childhood pictures.

Emi and Shiori
...turns out Emi also graduated from IUK, the school we're in right now :D

Shiori and Youichi

Ryoutaro was really quiet that night cuz he was still feeling kinda shy
One of the few words he spoke was, "no!"

as always, group pic!

and here's the afterparty invitation!

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